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Bad Taste Russia (www.myspace.com/badtasterus), Markus Pulkkinen, with support from
Stupido Records and GAEAbooking, presents:

Vermillion Lies: First trip in Finland
The cabaret show of two sisters from America

Presentation of Finnish edition of Separated by Birth album.

A year and a half ago Vermillion Lies travelled to Portugal and Russia. It was their first trip to Europe. Their short tour to Russia consisted of three very successful gigs in Moscow and Kazan. The Moscow-based concert agency Bad Taste liked the two sisters from America very much and now we have invited them to do a longer European tour. Bad Taste and Vermillion Lies will have a cut-teeth experience touring this long outside our home-countries. The tour begins in Berlin (AdmiralPalast Venue), then, after two weeks, Kim and Zoe will arrive in Finland to present the Stupido Records' edition of the "Seperated by Birth" album. The Friday night concert will take place in Korjaamo Culture Factory in Helsinki. The sisters will be joined by Yrjana Sauros with his more than strange performance; Yrijana became friends with Bad Taste during the Golden Mask festival in 2007. Some Finnish concerts of Vermillion lies will be preceded by a music comedy project PulpMusicShow, which was presented in Moscow at the end of 2008. The week of Vermillion Lies' Finnish tour will be closed by a concert in the Lappeenranta circus school, where the students will be illustrating the songs of the band with prepared beforehand performances. We will visit more than four towns in one week with the organizational help of our good friends Markus Pulkkinen (La Sega Del Canto, Cardboardia producer) and Lasse Hytönen (GAEAbooking)!

Finland, Tampere, Vermillion Lies
12may (Tuesday), 21-00, Telakka
(Tampere, www.telakka.eu, tickets: free)

Finland, Joensuu, Vermillion Lies with PulpMusicShow
13may (Wednesday), 21-00, Kerubin Kuppila
(Joensuu, Niskakatu 16, (013)129 377, http://www.kerubi.net/kuppila/, tickets: 3euro)

Finland, Mikkeli, Vermillion Lies with PulpMusicShow
14may (Thursday), 21-00, Keskus Baari
(Mikkeli, Porrassalmenkatu 12, (015) 163 945, tickets: free)

Finland, Helsinki, Vermillion Lies with special guests
Presentation of Seperated By Birth Stupido Records relise
15 may (Friday), 22-00, Korjaamo Culture Factory
(FIN-00250 Helsinki, Töölönkatu 51 b, www.korjaamo.fi, tickets: 8 )

Finland, Jyväskylä, Vermillion Lies
16 may (Saturday), Baari Vakiopaine,
in program of Ylakaupungin Yo festival
(Jyväskylä, Kauppakatu 6, www.vakiopaine.net/, tickets: free), www.ylakaupunginyo.fi/eng/

Finland, Lappeenranta, Vermillion Lies with Finnish Circus Artists
17 may (Sunday), 16-00, Taidekoulu Estradi (circus school)
(53600 Lappeenranta, Teollisuuskatu 9, www.estradi.org, tickets: 5 )

"Go see Vermillion Lies. You will fall in love with the world."
-Randy Faucheux, KLSU radio, Baton Rouge

Vermillion Lies is an American cabaret-band that consists of two freaky sisters - Zoe and Kim Boekbinder. Their style is "femme fatale", with old fashioned clothes and make-up, stockings of different colors with garters and fiery red hair.

The music they play is much like their aesthetic, a mix of new and old. Vermillion Lies uses instruments such as guitar, piano, accordion, xylophone, percussion, but also with such atypical ones as toy piano, flour sifter, gascans, pots, pans, typewriter, tin cans, BBQ grill and even plastic lobster. That’s why Zoe and Kim call themselves "junk store cabaret" and "music for those who wear hats".
The Boekbinder sisters are from Wild West, Kim lead a very creative life while Zoe was travelling all around the world, looking for new experiences. They formed the Vermillion Lies band four years ago and even now, watching them on the stage one notices they are absolutely different; sorrowful Kim prefers romantic and feminine look, whereas Zoe often wears man style things. However, both of them are united by the same retro fashion and behavior reminding of early twenties of the last century.
The music of Vermillion Lies is a mixture of styles containing something from folk, rock, blues, country, jazz and swing. Their first show was arranged for their friends? birthday party and on that very day history was made. The next concert gathered about two hundred people and then the clubs where they played couldn’t even seat all the spectators. Everyone wanted to see their burlesque show, accompanied by a funny introduction and genuine circus performances, tricks and charades.
Zoe and Kim supply their guests with diverse unexpected objects that are to be used as music instruments, so all comers can take part in the show. The plots of their songs are quite special and tell about love, circus, pets and even cuisine. Vermillion Lies music sometimes reminds of Emir Kusturica, Lou Reed and Tom Waits, but they have such unique songs, recognized as real masterpieces by mass media and fans alike. The Boekbinder sisters have already given performances in America, Russia, Portugal and at the moment a new tour is being prepared.
The Boekbinder sisters behave like theatre or circus actresses, their performances are as bright as their sons, that’s why to enjoy the whole show the spectators should better see it in a theatre setting, with curtains and decor. In a club they look quite organic, but a Bohemian retro atmosphere gives the best fit to their style.
Their brand new album is called "What?s in the Box?" This title has its origin in the performances during which Vermillion Lies opens a box onstage prompting the audience to ask "What?s in the Box?" before pulling out an instrument. Actually, this phrase can be considered the band?s motto, for no one ever knows what kind of surprise sisters Boekbinder are going to present next.

" ...a Tim Burton-ish ghoul carnival rife with compelling monstrosities like "Circus Apocalypse", "Circus Fish" and the stormy, brooding "Monkey."
Damon Orion, GoodTimes , Santa Cruz

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